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Safe Communities Kawartha Lakes Score High on National Report Card

Posted on: 6-October-2011

A dedicated Leadership Table, a focus on priority setting, a vision for sustainability and effective community engagement were the key factors in the Safe Communities Kawartha Lakes (SC KL) receiving high ratings in the Safe Communities National Report Card released recently. The report card, releasesd by Safe Communities Canada, is an annual measurement tool used to help local Safe Communities identify achievements and attributes as well as areas of developemtn or improvement.

The 2011 report card revealed that Safe Communities Kawartha lakes received a score of 18.5 out of 20 for attributes of Canadian Safe Communities. Attributes measured include leadership, priority setting, sustainability and community engagement. Kawartha Lakes score ranked highter that the national and the Ontario Region average. In addition, Safe Communites Kawartha Lakes scored high on indicators of International Safe Communities receiving a score of 22.3 out of 30 which was again higher thatn the National and Ontario Region average. The combined attribute and indicator score was 40.8 out of 50.

The report card process begins in early summer with a survey of 55 questions. Responses to these questions are recorded and analyzed by Safe Communities Canada. The questions reflect the mission, vision and strategic priorities of Safe Communites Canada. For each Safe Community it is an opportunity to reflect on its activities and achievements over the past year and to identify opportunities for growth and improvement in the future. After tabulating the responses form each of the 61 commmunities, the results are shared in early fall independently with each local safe community.

Updated October 26, 2013